The Opus

The Opus in DubaiThe Opus will appear to hover from the ground. Constructed of three separate towers the building will appear as a singular unified whole, with a distinctive void. The interiors of which will be clad with a fully engineered curved glass curtain wall to allow for eye-catching views into the void. Reflexive fretting patterns in the form of pixilated striations will be applied onto the glass facade to provide a degree of reflectivity and materiality to the cube while assisting in the reduction of solar gains inside the building. Within the Opus there will be a retail podium across the ground, first and second floor. The uppermost floor will feature a tranquility zone, a beach deck with a reflective pool and shaded roof terrace a media zone and a gym. The building boasts an AAA-class rating and has 87 per cent space efficiency.

The Opus in Dubai