How To Customize YouTube Embed Code Easily

YouTube, by default, does provide a few options for how the embedded YouTube video player will look on your website or blog, but provide very few options to choose from.

The default options include, like changing the player colour, showing the border or including related videos or not. If you would like to customize the player to a further level, then continue reading.

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How To Embed High Resolution YouTube Videos

We all know about the YouTube feature that allows you to watch videos in high resolution (only that are available). But for some reason, it does not provide any code or option to embed these high resolution videos or other sites or blogs. Overall, the procedure is simple. All you have to do is append a parameter to the existing URL in the code, and you will be able to embed high quality YouTube videos.

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YouTube Video Downloader Back on Sizzled Core

YouTube logoYou must have noticed new link at the top bar, YouTube Downloader. It’s a working YouTube video downloader that I recently started for my readers. I also had one before using the tutorial by DJ Flush, but that script stopped working and is completely dead now as YouTube made some changes in their code. Instructions on how you can download the video can be found on the YouTube page. I’ll soon do a tutorial on how to start a YouTube downloader of your own in WordPress, or on any other site.

A Facebook application for downloading YouTube videos directly from your profile is also in the pipeline. Subscribe to the RSS feed so that you won’t miss out the application release. :)

YouTube Adds Video Annotations And Gets Interactive

YouTube has recently added a new feature called Video Annotations, which allow users to make more interactive videos using annotations and bubble messages. You can now add interactive comment boxes, messages, text in bubbles, links to related videos, channels and search results of YouTube content.

YouTube Annotations

Flickr users must be already familiar with this feature as Flickr allows you to add annotations to the photos we upload, but at YouTube we deal with videos, not photos. So it’s way more fun to do in YouTube. Users will have full control over the annotations and the way in which they display in the videos. They are very easy to customize. You can change the size, location on the screen, and location in the video. You can also adjust how long they stay on the screen. And if you don’t want any distractions during the video, you can turn this feature off from the player menu.

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How To Batch Download From YouTube

Can this get any better for YouTube addicts? Now you can download multiple videos from YouTube at once and while downloading, you can even convert them to any format. This application can download videos from any YouTube page, or from individual channels, playlists, favourites, users and group pages.

This batch downloader works only on pages with more than one YouTube video. But remember, it won’t work on the Search page. May be we’ll get this feature in the future releases, but at the moment, it doesn’t work. The Download button activates on selected pages only.


YouTube Batch Downloader

How To Batch Download YouTube Videos

In order to download videos using YouTube Batch Downloader, open the page contaning videos or video links, and press the Downlaod button. Your videoes will start downloading instantly.

Where Are the Videos Saved

Wondering, where did all the downloaded videos go? No, they didn’t got lost. You can find them at My DocumentsMy YouTube folder. They are sorted by YouTube publisher usernames.

No Pause Or Stop Feature

The only thing I didn’t like about this tool is that it does not have button, or option to stop or pause downloading videos. There is no way this can be done unless you close the application itself.

Via [gHacks]

Lego Counter-Strike

by on March 3, 2007
in Gaming, Humour

For all Counter-Strike fans out there, check out this damn cool video made on a Lego set of the all-time favourite multiplayer game Counter-Strike.

I won’t tell anything about the video, you will have to see it yourself and let me know how much you liked it. Click he following link to see the video.