How To Deep Link to YouTube Videos

We all of us love YouTube a lot. I’m also a freak of You Tube videos. Whenever I get time, I just digg in YouTube and watch all the popular videos of the day. Sometimes I also show some videos to my friends and family.

But not the whole videos are funny. Sometime a specific part is good and my friends get annoyed when they have to watch the rest of the boring video. No worries now since YouTube team has come up with the Deep Link feature.

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How To Customize YouTube Embed Code Easily

YouTube, by default, does provide a few options for how the embedded YouTube video player will look on your website or blog, but provide very few options to choose from.

The default options include, like changing the player colour, showing the border or including related videos or not. If you would like to customize the player to a further level, then continue reading.

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Hack YouTube Olympic Channel For Beijing 2008

The official Olympic channel at YouTube has been blocked at some countries due to some reasons, and does not allow users to watch Olympics coverage there.

A commenter, Stephen Sclafani, over at Valleywag has found a small hack by which everyone can access YouTube’s Beijing 2008 channel. All you have to do is replace a cookie that YouTube servers store in your browser and then you will be able to access all the clips at YouTube.

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