Transform Windows XP to Mac OS X

Transformation Packs are used to change the look and feel of your current OS and transform it into something else. In the past, I have written about Ubuntu and Windows 7 transformation packs, and this time I have another OS to transform your XP into.

Flyakite OSX is a very cool software that can transform Windows XP to Mac OS X. It will change the entire interface, themes, sounds and popular application skins of XP and will make it look exactly like Leopard.

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Ubuntu Customization Pack for Windows XP

by on August 2, 2008
in Freewares, Linux, Tools, Windows, Windows XP

Earlier this week, I wrote on 5 Windows 7 transformation packs, which was liked by many. And today, I have another cool customization pack. This one is for all the Ubuntu fans who want to have an Ubuntu-like interface in Windows XP.

Ubuntu Customization Pack is created by BlueTekk using different set of tools, which can transform your Windows XP look to Ubuntu with just a small setup.

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5 Windows 7 (Seven) Transformation Packs

Since the first fake Windows Seven screenshots got on the Internet, people have been eagerly waiting for transformation packs to transform their current Windows XP or Vista to look like Windows 7, as shown in those screenshots.

Here’s a list of five Windows Seven transformation packs that you can use. 4 packs are for Windows XP users, and 1 is for Vista.

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Windows Vista Screensavers For Windows XP

Vista Screensaver In Xp

Windows Vista feature some really cool screensavers that if installed in Windows XP would look awesome! Vista screensavers like Aurora, Bubbles, Mystify and Ribbons can now be downloaded and used in Windows XP for free. THis means you don’t have to buy Vista just to use them.

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Hide Or Show Desktop Icons In A Click

Icon HiderIcon Hider is a free tool that allows you to hide or show your desktop icons in a click. Once this little application is executed, it sits in your taskbar and with a single click on its icon, you hide all your icons and shortcuts, and in another click restore them back. It does the job instantly without any flashing, or messing up the arrangement of your icons.

There are three ways in which you can hide/show your desktop icons.

  1. Click the tray icon
  2. Right-click the tray icon for hide/show icons menu
  3. Press Ctrl + 1

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Customize Windows & Desktop With Pitaschio

by on June 21, 2008
in Freewares, Tips and Tricks, Windows

pitaschio tweak windows

Pitaschio is a freeware that can customize your Windows and makes it more convenient to use. You can customize the way your shortcuts appear on your dekstop, tweak your opened windows, taskbar etc. It also has some options for your mouse scroll wheel, and you can even disable keys like Windows key, Caps Lock, Alt, Insert etc. Pitaschio works well with Windows 2000, Xp and Vista.

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Download Windows 7 Theme for XP

Windows 7 is the next upcoming OS from Microsoft. And for some reason, they are not letting out much details about this OS. So I don’t think we’ll be able to get our hands on it any time soon. But what if we get to enjoy its look and feel on Windows XP and Vista, eh? Since not much is known about the OS, this theme looks more like Windows Vista, but its nice to see some refreshing changes to the same old look.

Before you jump to the Windows 7 theme for XP, Windows Vista users might also like to check out Windows 7 theme for Vista that I had posted later.

Windows 7

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Windows Search 4.0 Available For Download

Windows Search 4.0 is now available as a final version from Microsoft for download. A Preview version of Windows Search 4.0 was previously available for download for Windows XP, Vista and Server 2003. A lot of quality improvements have been made since the Preview version because of the feedback that Microsoft got from its users. The Preview version was downloaded around 300,000 times!

Windows Search 4.0

Windows Search 4.0 lets you perform an instant search of your computer. Windows Search 4.0 helps you find and preview documents, e-mail messages, music files, photos, and other items on the computer.

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Windows XP SP3 Includes Vulnerable Flash Player

Windows XP Service Pack 3 - SP3Wondering another bug? LOL, yeah! Windows XP Service Pack 3 seems to be a never ending portal of bugs. A new bug again, this is simply crazy! One bug ends and the other begins. Previously, the reboot problems were enough for the AMD users, and Microsoft had no idea how to get rid of it, until HP came out with the fix. Phew! Now let’s begin with the latest bug that has been found in SP3.

It’s been reported that Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) ships with an out-of-date version of Adobe’s Flash Player that’s vulnerable to recently-spotted attacks, according to Microsoft’s support documentation. Windows XP SP3 includes Flash Player, a version released by Adobe Systems Inc. in December 2007, and was superseded by Version on April 8, nearly two weeks before Microsoft decided SP3 was done by giving it a release to manufacturing (RTM) label and sending it out for distribution.

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