Microsoft Offering Alternative Browsers to Windows 7 Users

by on March 1, 2010
in Browsers, Microsoft, Windows

windows7-logoNow this is something really very surprising! Microsoft is offering other “alternative” web browsers to its users in Europe.

In the latest Windows Update, Microsoft prompts users of Internet Explorer using Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 to make an “important choice” of choosing their web browser. The move is part of a settlement with the European Commission.

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Display Folder Size in Windows Explorer

by on January 24, 2010
in Freewares, Tips and Tricks, Windows

folder-size-thmbOne thing that annoys me is that when going through Windows Explorer, it doesn’t show the folder size in the folder size column like it shows for files.

Folder Size for Windows is a free addon for Windows XP/Vista that adds a new column to the Windows Explorer details view to displays the sizes of files and folders.

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Windows Access Panel for Windows 7 and Vista

by on October 19, 2009
in Freewares, Windows

wapThere are so many features in Windows Vista and 7, that it is not always you can find them easily. These small functions and utilities are found deep inside Windows and an average user could have difficulties finding them.

Windows Access Panel gives you quick access to important tools and functions in Windows 7 and Vista.

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Increase Volume in Windows 7

by on October 17, 2009
in Tips and Tricks, Windows

speakerThis was a problem with Windows Vista, and it’s still there in the next version of Windows OS releasing in less than a week, Windows 7! Yes, I’m talking about the low volume problem in Windows.

The problem is, that even though my both, the volume mixer and my application’s volume is set to maximum levels, it is still not loud enough as it was in Windows XP.

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DirectX 11 Comes to Vista SP2

by on September 15, 2009
in Windows

windows-vista-logoMicrosoft is still trying to save its all-time failed OS, Windows Vista, and this time Microsot is beginning to backport Windows 7 features to Windows Vista.

The first phase of this process will upgrade Vista’s graphics technology “DirectX 10” to Windows 7’s DirectX 11.

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Windows Media Player 12 for Windows Vista

Windows Media Player 12 is the next version of the popular media player that comes with the Windows OS. WMP12 is to be released along with Windows 7, but users can now also download Windows Media Player 12 for Vista.

Mikasi2009 of deviantART has somehow managed to port WMP12 of Windows 7 to Vista. You just need the two core WMP12 files and paste them in your Vista.

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Windows Vista Sidebar for XP

by on November 16, 2008
in Freewares, Softwares, Tips and Tricks, Windows

Lots of applications and utilities have trried to clone Wwindows Vista’s sidebar, but haven’t been able to come up with something up to the mark. All of them had limited number of gadgets (some didn’t have any), and used a lot of system resources.

Joshoon from DeviantArt have managed to port the real Windows Sidebar (originally found in Windows Vista) to Windows XP using Alky For Applications. Alky makes makes it possible to run Vista apps on Windows XP.

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Vista Transformation Pack 9.0

by on November 15, 2008
in Freewares, Softwares, Tips and Tricks

Almost all who loves Windows Vista, but cannot run it on their PCs use transformation packs to change the look and feel of their OS.

Vista Transformation Pack is a free suite of mods for your Windows XP that can transform its look and some features into Windows Vista’s one.

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Windows 7 Theme for Vista

by on November 5, 2008
in Freewares, Tips and Tricks, Windows

Windows 7 which was shown and demoed at PDC 2008 last week, unveiled some interesting new visual changes to its user interface like minor changes in the start menu, and the revamped taskbar.

If you liked the theme from Windows 7, here’s your chance to grab it for Windows Vista too. DJ Gx from DeviantArt has made a theme for Windows Vista, that looks almost like the Windows 7 theme shown at PDC 2008.

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