Gingerbread Theme for Windows Mobile Phone

by on March 17, 2011
in Gadgets, Mobile Apps

If you’re one of those who still love to use Windows Mobile 6.5.x phone, then this post is for you. Some developers over at XDA-Developers have worked on a Honeycomb theme for Windows Mobile 6.5 devices and in some way, it works a lot like the original Honeycomb (Android 3.0).

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HTC to Launch HTC Touch Pro 3?

by on March 14, 2010
in Gadgets

htc-touch-pro3Nowadays, so many rumors are going on all over the internet. First it was about iPhone 4.0 to support multi-tasking, Nokia to announce C6 and the latest rumor suggests that HTC is planning to launch HTC Touch Pro 3 running Windows Mobile 6.5.

Ofcourse, it won’t support Windows Mobile 7 because of its different requirements (but who knows?), but Windows Mobile 6.5 would be cool for the HTC Touch Pro 3.

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First Windows Phone 7 Series Handset by LG

by on March 1, 2010
in Gadgets

lg-winmo7The first Windows Phone 7 handset has been unveiled by Microsoft at The Engadget Show, and the first WinMo7 phone is by LG.

Windows Phone 7 Series was launched at Mobile World Congress 2010 last month in Barcelona in the presentation by Microsoft.

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HTC HD3 Specifications, Release Date Leaked

by on January 26, 2010
in Gadgets

htc-logoHTC HD3 specifications and release date has been leaked in the wild on the Internet. So far, the most-powerful and advanced Windows Mobile device is the HTC HD2, but it will be left far behind with HTC HD3 on the leak!

A Chinese site has got hold of the HTC HD3 specifications from some HTC employees. If you thought Qualcomm’s 1 Ghz Snapdragon CPU is the biggest thing for the year 2010, think again?! HTC HD3 will be powered by the Qualcomm’s 1.5Ghz Snapdragon processor.

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Install Android on Windows Mobile Phone

htc-windows-mobileI’m sure all those who own a HTC Windows Mobile phone like the Diamond, Touch Pro etc would definitely want to give Android a try.

Now thanks to a very simple tutorial posted by Kong Technology, HTC Windows Mobile users can try out Android on their devices without actually replacing WinMo.

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Windows Mobile 6.5.3 New Native On-Screen Keyboard

by on November 26, 2009
in Gadgets

windows-mobile-65-logoWindows Mobile 6.5 Build 28002, or also known as Windows Mobile 6.5.3 has been released today and brings a new native on-screen keyboard for Windows Mobile 6.5 devices.

The new keyboard is now more optimized and refined for finger-friendly operations.

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Download Office Mobile 2010 Beta

by on November 19, 2009
in Microsoft, Mobile Apps

microsoft office 2010 logoWe have another release at the day 2 of Microsoft Professional Developers Conference 2009 (PDC09). Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 is now available for download for Windows Mobile users.

Windows Mobile users can get the latest Office Mobile 2010 beta from the Windows Marketplace for free.

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Opera Mobile 10 Beta for Windows Mobile

by on November 19, 2009
in Browsers, Mobile Apps

opera-new-logoOpera Mobile 10 is now available for Windows Mobile phones and users can download to give it a try.

Most notable changes in the new Opera Mobile 10 beta is the sleek design, which Opera first introduced to the world in the recent release of Opera Mini 5 beta.

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Windows Mobile 6.5 Theme Creator

by on October 7, 2009
in Gadgets, Tips and Tricks

winmo-theme-creator-logoWindows Mobile 6.5 phones are just round the corner that sports a new interface with lots of new features and enhancements. Unlike, other mobile operating systems where you need a separate app to create themes, WinMo 6.5 has an online service!

Microsoft has launched an online page from where you can create custom Windows Mobile 6.5 themes for your device.

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