Codec Pack for Windows 7

by on January 22, 2009
in Freewares, Softwares, Windows

Windows Media Player 12, in Windows 7, now supports DivX, XviD and MP4 video files, but in case you still have problems playing any file, you can try this codecs pack, specially for Windows 7.

Win7Codecs is a comprehensive package of codecs for Windows 7. It is like a plug and play package that will play all media files on WMP, right after installation!

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How To Enable Graphic Equalizer in Windows Media Player 12

by on January 19, 2009
in Tips and Tricks, Windows

windows-media-player-12-iconWe all know that the next version of Windows Media Player, which is WMP12, comes with the upcoming OS from Microsoft, Windows 7. I happened to install the first beta, and when I tried to set the equalizer in WMP12, I couldn’t find it anywhere.

I searched every menu and preferences, but it wasn’t there in any of them. Just when I thought its not there in the beta version, I finally saw the Graphic Equalizer button, in a tricky way!

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KB961367: Windows 7 Beta WMP 12 Corrupt MP3 Bug Fix

A few days ago, we had Windows 7 Beta (build 7000) leaked on torrent sites which was downloaded by thousands of users.

But many of them are not aware that Windows Media Player 12, that comes with Windows 7 has a bug that could erase 2-3 seconds of audio from the beginning of your Mp3. This bug was later confirmed by a Microsoft spokesperson and a bug fix, KB961367, has been released for Windows 7.

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Windows Media Player 12 for Windows Vista

Windows Media Player 12 is the next version of the popular media player that comes with the Windows OS. WMP12 is to be released along with Windows 7, but users can now also download Windows Media Player 12 for Vista.

Mikasi2009 of deviantART has somehow managed to port WMP12 of Windows 7 to Vista. You just need the two core WMP12 files and paste them in your Vista.

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Windows 7 Skin for Windows Media Player 11

Windows 7 public beta is just around the corner, which will feature the next version of Windows Media Player (WMP 12). According to what we have seen in the previous Windows 7 milestone/beta leaks, Windows Media Player 12 has got some minor interface changes.

WMP 12 has a lighter, and a brighter user-inerface that you can now also get in Windows Media Player 11.

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Windows Media Player 12 Screenshots

by on November 1, 2008
in Computers, Microsoft, Softwares, Windows

Many applications that were previously bundled with the Windows OS itself, will now be available for download separately and won’t ship with Windows 7. It was a surprise to know that Windows Media Player isn’t changed to Windows Live Media Player.

Windows Media Player 12 will have some really interesting new features. The experience is somewhat similar to WMP11, but you will notice that the UI is much brighter and lighter than the previous version. Some buttons and toolbar items have also been moved around.

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