Post to Posterous from Windows Live Writer

windowslivewritericon.pngWindows Live Writer is the best word processing application to write blog posts and then publish them online on your favourite blogging platforms.

Unfortunately, Windows Live Writer does not support posting to, which means you can’t benefit from having the great experience of using Windows Live Writer when publishing to Posterous.

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Backup Windows Live Writer with WLWBackup

by on March 1, 2009
in Freewares, Tips and Tricks

windows-live-writer-iconWindows Live Writer is the best desktop blog publishing tool which comes for free with Windows Live suite of applications. There are a few things I like about WL Writer, like you can expand it with plugins and most of all, I can use it to write posts offline.

Now, what I don’t like about Windows Live Writer is that I have to re-configure it every time I re-install or install it on a new computer. But I think, I have found the perfect utility to handle that.

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How To Auto Save in Windows Live Writer

windows-live-writer-icon I’m sure none of you like to lose all your post that just wrote because of a power failure or computer crash.

Previously, Windows Live Writer had this auto-save feature enabled by default which would automatically save changes made to our articles after every 3 minutes. But they have left this option unchecked (disabled) in the latest Live Writer release.

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