Windows Live Messenger 2010 Leaked

by on March 22, 2010
in Softwares, Windows

windows-live-messenger-iconWindows Live Messenger 2010 is a part of the Windows Live Essentials 4 that we will be seeing soon by Microsoft. This is something all Windows users look forward to every year.

Windows Live Essentials 4 is still under private beta testing, but it has now leaked over the web and available for download.

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Windows Live Messenger 2010 Screenshots

by on December 11, 2009
in Internet, Microsoft

windows live messenger new iconThe Windows Live team is back on work and yes, the Windows Live Messenger 2010 is coming out soon and is in works too.

Neowin has posted some screenshots of the upcoming Windows Live Messenger 2010. They are the first ones to appear online.

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