Hotmail Getting a Makeover

by on May 18, 2010
in Personal

windows-live-logoMicrosoft’s Hotmail is getting a major update with plenty of new features and improving the ones that already exist!

Hotmail is currently the most popular email service around the world, and we’ll be seeing a major makeover after a long time. Microsoft has been planning for this one for a while now.

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How to Change Windows Live Password

by on October 28, 2009
in Internet, Tips and Tricks

windows-live-logoIt’s best to keep changing your passwords after every few days. And since hackers, spammers target the most used services like Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger.

Since, both the services use the same Windows Live ID, you can change the password for both of these services from your Windows Live Profile.

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Add Photos to Hotmail Messages Once Again

by on October 16, 2009
in Internet

Adding photos to email messages is the most basic feature that almost all email services offer. You can add (and show) multiple photos in your email messages without adding them as attachments.

Back in August, Windows Live Hotmail team temporarily took down the Photo upload tool and did not let you add photos to the body of your email messages.

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Get Windows Live Mail POP3 Access

windows-live-orbUnlike Gmail, Windows Live Mail (formerly known as Hotmail) never allowed POp3 access for its free users. This feature was one of the most wanted feature by Live Mail users.

Omar Shahine, lead program manager for Windows Live Hotmail, recently told that the Live Mail team would be releasing POP3 access for its users. Not all users, but to a few countries first which include United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Japan etc.

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Windows Live Mobile Services and Links

by on December 13, 2008
in Internet, Microsoft, Windows

Windows Live is almost ready to unleash Windows Live wave 3, and no, this won’t have BETA versions. It will have full and final versions of all Windows Live applications. And today I was surprised to see the new Windows Live homepage which is now turning into a social network.

With this, they have also updated their Windows Live services for mobile users. Windows Live Mobile brings all your favourite Windows Live services in your reach and you can access them from any phone. Just make sure your phone has an internet browser. ;)

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Windows Live Hotmail Wave 3 Features

by on August 27, 2008
in Windows

Soon Microsoft is going to release new features for its services in the third wave of Windows Live updates. A couple of days ago I wrote about the leaked upcoming version of Windows Live Messenger 9.

Today I came across the Windows Live Hotmail promotion site which tells about all the new goodies that we’ll see in the next wave of Windows Live updates.

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