How to Change Windows 7 Product Key

by on October 26, 2009
in Tips and Tricks, Windows

windows7-logoWindows 7 was launched on October 22nd, and is now available at all retail stores near you.

In case you need to change your Windows 7 product key, there are two methods to do so. You can do it from System Properties or from DOS using the commands.

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How To Get Windows 7 Beta Activation Key

by on January 11, 2009
in Microsoft, Tips and Tricks, Windows

I just checked and found the Windows 7 beta download link from Technet is up and everyone can download Windows 7 Beta now.

Earlier today, I wrote about the ten Windows 7 activation keys that Microsoft is giving out to everyone. Lots of people have asked me whether these are generated by some sort of hack, but no, they weren’t!

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15 Windows 7 Pre-Beta Activation Keys

by on November 12, 2008
in Freebies, Tips and Tricks, Windows

Windows 7 M3 (build 6801) was leaked over the Internet through torrents a few weeks ago, which was free and easy to download. But you still need a valid activation product key in order to use Windows 7 on your system or you will only get a 30-day trial.

Later it was found that the old Windows Vista Beta and RC product keys can be used for Windows 7 Pre-Beta as well and you can activate your copy using it.

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