Google Mosaic Wallpaper

by on November 8, 2008
in Design, Google, Pictures

Google is everywhere, it is taking control of your every aspect of life slowly, gradually but effectively. Now its time to experience the Google effect on your desktop with this amazing mosaic wallpaper featuring Google Logo.

It was last month when I found the Giant Google Logo Mosaic. Now it was really not appealing to fix only logo right on my desktop, so I simply added some reflexive effect to the original file to made it more appealing.

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20 Awesome Windows 7 Wallpapers

by on November 3, 2008
in Design, Wallpapers, Windows

Windows 7 logoWindows 7 boom is at full peak, and every blog you open is full of its news. Earlier I posted two cool wallpapers of Windows 7 and three PDC 2008 official wallpapers.

I have found few more cool wallpapers, and thought would share it here with you all. You can download them by clicking the images below. Do let me know in comments if you have anymore cool ones.

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Windows 7 Wallpapers

by on October 31, 2008
in Design, Wallpapers, Windows

Microsoft introduced Windows 7 to the public at Professional Developers Conference 2008, and since I have seen the first screenshots, I can hardly wait to get my hands on it. I’m now desperately waiting for the first public beta from Microsoft.

If you also liked it, here’s something that all Windows 7 fans are going to love. Two free wallpapers that have been inspired by the by the first official screenshots of Windows Seven at the Microsoft PDC 2008.

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Windows vs Walls Wallpaper Download

In order to promote Windows and its users, Microsoft team launched their latest marketing campaign “I’m a PC” on Sept. 18.

Unlike the previous campaign which Microsoft didn’t got right, I’m a PC has been received well by the technology world and is getting a very good response.

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55 Most Beautiful iPhone Wallpapers

I just came across some of the finest and most beautifully designed iPhone wallpapers. It is a set of 55 wallpapers that I thought you’d all enjoy to use it on your desktops. Below is a list of the top 9 wallpapers I liked from that collection.

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Wallpaper Tag Game

by on November 20, 2007
in Blogging, Gaming, Humour

Recently, Keshav from TechAlerts created a new tagging game, and tagged me in to show my wallpaper.

Here’s mine:


(Click the image to enlarge)

It’s created by Nivener and is called Blue White. You can download it from here. (520KB).

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Clouds’ Wallpapers (Very High Quality)

by on March 4, 2007
in Pictures, Wallpapers

Here is a small collection of clouds’ wallpapers. These are very high quality wallpapers. Click the image below to view the album.

Miscellaneous Wallpapers. My Old Collection

by on February 16, 2007
in Pictures, Wallpapers

Check out my little collection of wallpapers. Here’s a link to my album: