Scan Hard Drive For Read Errors – Disk Scanner

by on July 15, 2008
in Freewares, Tools

Disk Scanner

Disk Scanner is a tiny, yet a very useful freeware utility to check your hard drive for read errors. At times you must have noticed that some files on your hard disk are not being read.

There are several reasons for your data not being read, but the most common and improtant one is the hard drive degradation. This may be the first typical sign for the disk failure. So it’s always better to regularly scan your disk and notice anything suspicious, or you might loose important data.

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Professional Video Editing with Free Video Dub

by on July 14, 2008
in Softwares, Tools

Free Video Dub

There is no need to need to purchase expensive softwares just to edit video clips like deleting unwanted scenes from videos.

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How To Find Boot Time Of Windows

by on July 14, 2008
in Freewares, Tools, Windows

Boot Timer

If you’d like to find out the how much time it takes to boot Windows, Boot Timer is a small freeware that can help you find that out.

This is a very useful tool when you want to find out the boot time after applying some boot trick and compare it with your previous results.

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Remove Startup Applications Using AutoRuns

by on July 7, 2008
in Tools


There are many applications which when installed run automatically at the startup and runs in the background even you are not using them. Thus, they use your RAM and slow down your PC.

When you login to your computer, first you have to wait for at least 5 minutes before all startup programs load and you start using your Windows. AutoRuns is such a freeware that has comprehensive knowledge of all the places in Windows where startup programs and processes are stored.

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Free Easeus Partition Manager For Download

by on July 6, 2008
in Softwares, Tools

Easeus Partition Manager is a comprehensive hard disk partition management tool with a  friendly user-interface that helps you simplify your task and allows you to manage partitions of your hard disk with ease.

hard disk manager

Easeus Partition Manager provides all types of basic and advanced functions such as Resize and Move partitions by using free spaces, Create, Delete and Format partitions, Hide and Unhide partitions. It even works perfectly with hardware RAID so your data is completely protected during all operations.

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DriverMax: Backup & Restore Windows Drivers

Recently, I did a fresh install of my Windows XP with SP3, but before doing that I wanted a tool that could backup all my system and device drivers and then restore them back safely when I re-install Windows. I did not want to lose any of my up-to-date drivers. I don’t even remember if I still have the original driver CDs for my devices and I wasn’t at all interested in spending ours on the Internet searching for the latest drivers. This is where DriverMax comes to rescue!

Driver Max


DriverMax is a useful tool that allows you to backup, restore and download latest drivers for your computer (Vista only feature). You can backup all your drivers (or only the ones that are needed) in a folder or in a compressed file. After re-installing Windows, its Import Drivers wizard will help you restore your backup and the entire process takes only 5-10 minutes. Saves you hours of searching!

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