Add Desktop Shotcuts for Removable Media

by on August 30, 2008
in Freewares, Tools

Whenever you connect your USB drive, memory card or any external storage device with your computer, you have to open My Computer to find the mapped drive or folder.

Desk Drive is a freeware tool that automatically creates a desktop icon whenever you connect an external storage device pointing to its folder or drive.

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USB Nail Stick For Data Storage

by on August 2, 2008
in Gadgets, Personal

USB Nail Stick

If you have ever wanted to hammer down a nail in your lappy (laptop), well, here’s your ultimate chance to do one! A nail-shaped falsh drive can fulfill that desire of yours.

Plankton, a Netherlands based design company, has come out with their first product – a nail-shaped USB drive that can store data up to 2GB.

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Mx One: Free USB Flash Drive Antivirus

by on July 29, 2008
in Softwares, Tools

mx one antivirus

We all know that USB flash or pen drives are one of the most useful portable storage devices, and they help carry data from one place to the other. But since they are attached to different computers, you never know if the other PC is virus-free. These USB drives have become the most common source of how a PC gets infected with virus. To get rid of this, you need a good antivirus for your USB drive that scans every file being transferred to it.

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How To Write Protect Your USB Flash Drive

by on July 19, 2008
in Freewares, Tools

USB Write Protector

The main cause of viruses these days are USB flash drives. Viruses are now capabale enough to copy itself to whatever flash drive is attached into the infected computer’s USB drive. You can write protecyour USB drive by using this small portable tool.

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