Upload Photos to TwitPic from Android Phones with Picture Tweeter

There are a number of Twitter clients available that allow you to upload photos directly to TwitPic and other Twitter photo-hosting services, but what if you don’t want to upload using a Twitter client?

Picture Tweeter does that job. It is a separate Android app that provides a very simple interface to upload photos to TwitPic and publish them on your Twitter profile with a tweet.

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Upload Facebook Photos from Desktop

by on December 11, 2008
in Facebook, Freewares, Tools

People who have me on Facebook will know that I recently added about 7 albums in my Facebook Photos of my 3-day trip to Karachi, for the Bloggers Meetup (review coming soon) there.

Even though Facebook lets us upload photos through it’s own Java-based or simple uploader, I had to find a desktop solution because my Firefox kept crashing in the middle of upload process.

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