Automatically correct your spelling mistakes in MAC

This is a guest post by Moin from A New Morning. He writes daily about tech news and tips on his blog, do pay him a visit.

Making typing mistakes is common even if you’re a stenographer. But even a good typist can make typing mistakes because there’s always a thought that they might have made a spelling mistake. Most of us can’t train ourselves to type every word correctly — that’s when Typinator comes into play.

Typinator is designed to work with MAC and it automatically corrects your often made mistakes and you don’t have to worry about going wrong again. Another cool feature of this application is that it can autofill e-mail addresses, URL’s and other frequently used phrases using user-designated abbreviations. By user-designated abbreviations, I mean that it you can add in any abbreviation like “sizc” to “” or “HRN” to a “Haris Nadeem Signature” picture.

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