Echofon for Windows, a Twitter Client for Windows Coming Soon

by on June 16, 2011
in Freewares, Social Networks

Echofon announced today they are working on a Windows-only Twitter client, Echofon for Windows. Echofon started out initially with a Firefox addon which was available on all platforms, thank to the browser Mozilla Firefox.

Twitter doesn’t have any official client for Windows, like Twitter for Mac – but Echofon seems to bring that to the Windows platform with more features. Echofon users on Windows had to go through the Firefox extension to tweet, but that won’t be the case anymore, thanks to Echofon for Windows.

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Upload Photos to TwitPic from Android Phones with Picture Tweeter

There are a number of Twitter clients available that allow you to upload photos directly to TwitPic and other Twitter photo-hosting services, but what if you don’t want to upload using a Twitter client?

Picture Tweeter does that job. It is a separate Android app that provides a very simple interface to upload photos to TwitPic and publish them on your Twitter profile with a tweet.

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Check How Many Pages Needed to Print Your Twitter Timeline

by on April 21, 2011
in Internet

Ever wanted to know how many pages it would take to print your entire Twitter timeline? The Print Effect does this job pretty well. It checks up your twitter username and gives you an approximate figure of number of pages needed to print Twitter timeline.

Not just pages, it also gives some other interesting stats like litres of ink to be used, ink cartridges, total cost etc.

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TweetDeck Android 1.0, Download Now from Android Market

by on October 13, 2010
in Android, Mobile Apps

TweetDeck has just released the first release of TweetDeck for Android in the Android Market and is now available for download for everyone!

We have followed TweetDeck Android’s development from it’s initial release and since then it has gone through a long way of bug fixes, improvements and new features.

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TweetDeck for Android Beta 8 Now Available

by on September 11, 2010
in Android, Mobile Apps

TweetDeck updated their Android client – TweetDeck for Android – to beta 8 (v0.9.8) yesterday bringing three widgets and a new  Add Column page to the app.

The app is getting closer for the final release with all the basic features needed i nan Android client. Personally, I’m still waiting for the TwitPic support in the app.

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Android TweetDeck Beta v0.9.7 Now Available

by on September 3, 2010
in Android, Mobile Apps

TweetDeck has jumped from the beta 6 release of TweetDeck for Android directly to beta 7.

Some new features has been added and the app seems a bit faster to me than before with no lags. I’m still exploring the app for mroe changes and tweaks.

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TweetDeck Android v0.9.5 Beta 5 Released

by on August 28, 2010
in Android

TweetDeck has released TweetDeck for Android Beta 5 just a few minuets ago. This update makes it much more stable and they continue adding more daily-use features which were missing from the client.

You can read the changelog for Android TweetDeck v0.9.5 below:

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Android TweetDeck Beta v0.9.4: Beta 4 Released

by on August 20, 2010
in Android

TweetDeck for Android Beta 4 has just been released by the TweetDeck team. This update brings the new Column settings UI which was promised in the last Beta 3 release.

You can now set individual columns with notifications, led flashing, sound and vibrate (or any combination thereof). You’ll also be able to set the refresh rate per column and delete the column from this page.

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TweetDeck for Android Beta 3

by on August 18, 2010
in Android, Mobile Apps

TweetDeck for Android Beta 3 is now available for download! The TweetDeck Twitter account just posted the link to the third beta release which brings improvements and a new feature.

The TweetDeck Android app now has improved data usage and you can now adjust the refresh rate of columns in TweetDeck. Beta 2 was released just yesterday.

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