Use Twitter as a Personal Feed Reader

by on September 27, 2009
in Personal

twitter-feed-logoTwitter can be used in many ways more than just a status updating tool. For people who spend their entire day on Twitter can use it to get their daily dose of news.

You don’t need to have a separate RSS reader when you can easily manage everything right from Twitter.

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How to Print your Twitter Timeline

by on July 29, 2009
in Tips and Tricks

twitter-logo-birdieThere are many people on Twitter, who instead of updating their Twitter with random ramblings actually post what they’re really doing at that moment.

This helps in keeping a check on one’s activities and you can keep a record of what you do. So what if you need to print them all?

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Emoticons for Twitter

by on February 6, 2009
in Social Networks, Tips and Tricks

I always tell one thing that I miss the most on Twitter is the support of emoticons. Every IM has emoticons, and I think Twitter is incomplete without them.

Since you can’t use graphics on Twitter, my friend Imran has found TwitterKeys, a website that has a compiled list of UTF-compatible characters that you can use as emoticons on Twitter.

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Complete List of Twitter Acronyms

twitter-logo-birdieTwitter being the most active social network has opened and started many new trends. Although Twitter itself allows 140 character limit for the updating your status.

You might have observed some acronyms, short forms on Twitter to make use of these 140 characters as much as they can.

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