Accelerate Page Scrolling in Firefox 3.6

firefox-logo-newFirefox 3.6 was released a few days back and is available for download. The tips and tricks for Firefox 3.6 have already started popping up on the Internet.

This latest Firefox release brings in lots of new features and updates. It was downloaded over 4.5 million times on the first day and  has been downloaded 17 million times in its first week.

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Display Folder Size in Windows Explorer

by on January 24, 2010
in Freewares, Tips and Tricks, Windows

folder-size-thmbOne thing that annoys me is that when going through Windows Explorer, it doesn’t show the folder size in the folder size column like it shows for files.

Folder Size for Windows is a free addon for Windows XP/Vista that adds a new column to the Windows Explorer details view to displays the sizes of files and folders.

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Extend Windows 7 Trial to 90 Days

by on November 5, 2008
in Microsoft, Tips and Tricks, Windows

Unfortunately, the new Windows 7 Pre-Beta demo build is only good for 30 days and will expire after that.  Now if you’re daring enough to use it, 30 days is not ample time to get acquainted to such a program, nor will you be able to learn all that you’d like to.

There is no method to activate Windows 7 permanently yet, but for now we can lengthen the trial from 30, to 90 days with a short trick, which should be more than as it is expected that Windows 7 Beta 1 will be coming out December end, or early January.

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How to Get Back Old Facebook

by on September 17, 2008
in Facebook

How to Get Back Old FacebookFacebook is all set to launch its new design, and have already started moving users to it. Some have liked the new Facebook, but there are many others who find it very confusing and don’t like it.

Soon Facebook will disable the old Facebook for good, and everyone will have to use the new one. But at least for now, there are two ways by which you can get the look and feel of old Facebook back.

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How To Try Out The New iGoogle

by on August 26, 2008
in Google, Tips and Tricks

The new iGoogle has been in beta testing for more than 2 months now. It was announced back in June that the new developer sandbox has been opened for a few Google accounts and not all are able to access it.

Several changes have been made like the tabs are now in the left side of the page instead at the top. They are expandable if you want to see the list of gadgets in a treet list. Another major change is that each gadget now has an expanded view providing more functions and features.

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Access Digg at Blocked Places with Alternate URLs

by on August 19, 2008
in General, Tips and Tricks

Digg is one of the most popular social-bookmarking services. There you discover and share content by submitting links and stories from anyhwere on the Internet and vote up or down the stories. Voting up is called digging, and voting down is called burying. The most dugg and popular stories get to the front page.

Such sites are usually blocked at work places like schools, offices etc. Here are a few alternate URLs that could be used to access Digg where it is blocked.

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How To Use Greasemonkey in Opera

by on August 18, 2008
in General, Tips and Tricks

Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension that allows Firefox users to install scripts that make quick changes to web pages. Greasemonkey can be used to add new functionality to web pages and web sites like adding an HTML signature in Google, bypassing image verification in Orkut etc.

Opera has a in-built feature that can support Greasemonkey scripts (custom JavaScript). These user scripts work exactly how they work in Firefox. You can read the brief tutorial after the jump on how you can use it.

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Create Shortcut Icon to Enable or Disable Windows Firewall

by on August 16, 2008
in Tips and Tricks, Windows

The default firewall that comes built in with Windows is not a powerful one and thus many threats can easily pass through and enter your computer. I usually recommend all my readers to use a third party firewall applications to protect your computers, but some people still use the default one.

Sometimes you need to disable your Windows Firewall while trouble shooting network problems. In that case you have to go through many steps to disable or enable it. Thanks to How-to Geek, here’s a trick bu which you can create a shortcut on yuor desktop to enable or disable Windows Firewall.

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How To Disable Apple’s Kill-Switch in iPhone

by on August 14, 2008
in Apple, iPhone, Tips and Tricks

Last week it was discovered that through the kill-switch mechanism in iPhones, Apple can remotely blacklist and disable third-party locations stored on users’ private devices.

Later on, this was readily confirmed by the Apple CEO Steve Jobs that there exists this kill-switch which allows Apple to remotely block bad and malicious apps that are bought from the App Store.

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