3D Tab Management in Firefox with FoxTab

by on March 12, 2009
in Firefox, Freewares, Tips and Tricks

foxtab_logoIn my previous article about extensions for customizing Firefox tabs, I missed a very important addon which I’m sure everyone is going to like.

FoxTab is a Firefox addon that brings innovative and attractive 3D tab management to Firefox. It takes your Firefox experience to the next level with its five eye-candy layouts.

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FireFox Screen Space Tweaks – Tree Style Tab

FirefoxIf you are an internet power-user / info-maniac, chances are that you use Firefox as your primary browser, and if you have been a Firefox user for a few months, your have undoubtedly installed a bunch of add-ons and plugins that are now a part of your life. These Add-ons are constantly vying for screen real estate and leaving you on the constant lookout to use the few million precious pixels on your screen(s) more effectively.

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