Motorola Sholes Android 2.0 Ported to G1

by on November 2, 2009
in Android

g1-googleJust a couple of days ago I was talking about Android 2.0 being ported to G1/HTC Dream, but that was just videos and no developer had said anything about releasing the port from public.

barakinflorida from XDA-Developers forums as posted that he’s currently working on Motorola Sholes Android 2.0 port to G1.

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Android 2.0 on G1 and HTC Dream

by on October 31, 2009
in Android, Gadgets

android-20-eclairsIt’s just two days since Android 2.0 SDK was officially released and announced by Google, and guess what? Android 2.0 has already been ported to G1 and HTC Dream.

Performance wise, Android 2.0 on G1 and HTC dream is quite slow, but the developer community at XDA-Developers will definitely do something about it and will actually make it usable.

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How to Upgrade T-Mobile G1 to Android 1.6

by on October 28, 2009
in Android, Gadgets, Tips and Tricks

g1-googleAll T-Mobile G1 users are impatiently waiting for the Android 1.6 Donut update being available for their devices.

Not sure when it will be available, G1 users can manually upgrade to Android 1.6 firmware. Apart from this, Google today announced Android 2.0 and it’s features.

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HTC G1 Hands-On Review at Android Developers Workshop

by on January 19, 2009
in Android, Gadgets, Google

g1-googleYesterday evening, a Google Android workshop took place in Lahore, Pakistan where I got a chance to play with the HTC G1.

Even though, I’m not an Android developer or Java programmer,  I was lucky enough to get invited by Badar Khushnood, Google Pakistan Country Consultant, to attend the two hour session delivered by Omar Shakil, a Software Engineer at Google.

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G1 Android Online Emulator

by on October 8, 2008
in Gadgets, Google

G1 is the first handset powered by Google’s very own open-source mobile operating system, Android. It was announced three weeks ago and is expected to release on October 22nd.

Not everyone will be able to taste it as it gets unveiled next month because you will have to sign a 2-year contract in order to get it unlocked.

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Android Powered, T-Mobile G1 Launching Today

by on September 23, 2008
in Android, Gadgets

You must have already read about the first Google Android powered mobile phone, HTC Dream which is also known as T-Mobile G1, launching today.

It will be the first handset to run on Android OS and T-Mobile will be announcing it today with an exclusive partnership with Google.

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