Backup Facebook Profile with SocialSafe

socialsafe-logoMost of us are addicted to online social networks like Facebook, Orkut, Hi5 etc. and for some managing an online social profile is now more important than keeping up with the one in real life.

Since no web service is infallible, you never know when your account might get hacked, deleted, suspended for false spamming or anything like that where you may lose important data, friends, uploaded photos etc.

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First Screenshots of Embedded Ads in YouTube

Google is known to be good with its AdSense program facilitating both its Publishers, and Advertisers. Recently Google revamped their AdSense Forum, released a Google SEO Book, and launched a Google Optimization Essentials Video Series for their publishers.

Google has now decided to improve the exposure of their advertiser’s content through YouTube videos. You can now see textual adverts in all YouTube videos, despite of the their location through Web.

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YouTube Full-Length Movies Coming Soon

by on November 7, 2008
in Internet, Social Networks

After IMDb, YouTube is also going to soon offer full length movies. This new service was confirmed by cnet, and is expected to go live in the next 30 to 90 days.

For quite some months, Google has been in talks with major Hollywood companies in an effort to provide YouTube users with ad-supported streaming movie service.

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How To Deep Link to YouTube Videos

We all of us love YouTube a lot. I’m also a freak of You Tube videos. Whenever I get time, I just digg in YouTube and watch all the popular videos of the day. Sometimes I also show some videos to my friends and family.

But not the whole videos are funny. Sometime a specific part is good and my friends get annoyed when they have to watch the rest of the boring video. No worries now since YouTube team has come up with the Deep Link feature.

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Extract Segments from YouTube Videos with Splicd

by on October 30, 2008
in Internet, Social Networks, Web 2.0

We all know that YouTube is the best source for finding video clips related to anything we want. You can find just everything there. But sometimes you may want to download a small portion of a video, but you have to download the whole long clip just because YouTube does not allow splitting.

Splicd allows you to isolate an interesting tidbit from a YouTube video and provides you with a link to share it with your family, friends, and colleagues.

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TubeTilla: Free YouTube Downloader and Converter

TubeTilla is a small, free application that lets you download your favourite videos from YouTube and save them on your PC for offline viewing.

Moreover, it can also convert the videos in a playable format like FLV (the default), MP4, MP3 and WMV. These downloaded videos after conversion can be played on devices like PSP, iPod, iPhone, Zune and Windows Media Player.

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How To Customize YouTube Embed Code Easily

YouTube, by default, does provide a few options for how the embedded YouTube video player will look on your website or blog, but provide very few options to choose from.

The default options include, like changing the player colour, showing the border or including related videos or not. If you would like to customize the player to a further level, then continue reading.

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Watch YouTube Videos In Firefox Sidebar

by on August 28, 2008
in Firefox, Social Networks

Watching videos online is my favourite time wasting activity after Facebook. I love to watch funny videos, movie trailers etc. I find all these at YouTube, the best video-sharing site!

Now you can watch your favourite videos right from Firefox sidebar while you work or browse the web. YouPlayer is a Firefox extension that lets you play videos from popular video sharing sites in your Firefox sidebar.

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Hack YouTube Olympic Channel For Beijing 2008

The official Olympic channel at YouTube has been blocked at some countries due to some reasons, and does not allow users to watch Olympics coverage there.

A commenter, Stephen Sclafani, over at Valleywag has found a small hack by which everyone can access YouTube’s Beijing 2008 channel. All you have to do is replace a cookie that YouTube servers store in your browser and then you will be able to access all the clips at YouTube.

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