Mini-Feed Expanded To Include More Social Data

Facebook has again expanded Mini-Feed, and this time it’s not that they have disabled the collapse feature, but have added features to include more social data from other sites. Now you can add your profile links from YouTube, StumbleUpon, Hulu, Pandora,, Google Reader, and your personal blog to the list of sites that can share data to Facebook. Facebook’s import feature already had Flickr, Picasa, Digg, Yelp and

Facebook Expands Mini-Feed Again

Since this is all part of their upcoming profile design, we could expect to see more sites being added. The mini-feed is also part of it, because it is now non-collapsible, and as you have seen it in their upcoming profile design, mini-feed will use almost the whole of front page. This will help your profile visitors (friends, family etc.) to see all your updates on other sites from one place.

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