Skype for Android Gets Video Calling with Major UI Update

by on July 1, 2011
in Android, Mobile Apps

Skype for Android got an update today – a much-needed major update to the Android app. Skype Android app now brings you video-calling across (some) Android devices and a UI overhaul to the app. Skype video-calling was one of the most requested features on the app, and looks like we finally got it today.

Video-calling on Skype for Android is cross-platform. Android to iPhone to PCs to PSPs – everywhere! The new UI is not something to be happy about as it because it is very bloated and slow. You can hardly use it. It’s really nice, but only if the Skype Android team would make it even more better in speed.

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Skype for Android Full Version Coming Soon?

by on February 26, 2010
in Android, Internet

skype-logoSkype Lite, the Android version of Skype was taken down from the Android Market yesterday. It was not one of the best apps, but it did its job.

This could mean two things. Skype is going to release the full version of Skype for Android with all the features, or there have been mistake due to which Skype Lite is down.

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