Schedule Posts For Later Publishing In WordPress

WordPress is, no doubt, the best blogging platform and CMS (Content Management System) available. There are endless features in it, and since the new version, WordPress 2.5, is out it’s even more fun to use it. I’ve been using WordPress for the past 1 year now, before that I was with Joomla and worked on that. But seriously, WordPress is more easy, user-friendly and faster to use.

Here’s a small WordPress tip I would like to share with you all. As you all know, previously, I took a 4 months break because of my exams. In the meanwhile, you you kept getting posts on Sizzled Core regularly for some time, even when I was busy studying. That’s one of the features why I love WordPress so much. WordPress has a built-in feature by which you could time-stamp your posts for later publishing.

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