S60 Hero Theme for Nokia E72

by on November 27, 2009
in Design

nokia-e72I don’t really share Nokia themes on this blog, but this one is a must-see for every Nokia S60 user. Tehkseven, the popular mobile theme designer, has released S60 Hero, HTC Hero theme for Nokia E72 and E71.

This theme is available for free download and can be downloaded in thre flavours, for standard S60 3rd Edition FP1/FP2 devices, E-series and S60 5th Edition.

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Free Calls to US this Thanksgiving with Truphone

by on November 24, 2009
in Android, Internet, iPhone, Mobile Apps

truphone-logoTo help you celebrate Thanksgiving next week, and make it easy for you to stay in touch with friends and family, Truphone is giving away 12 hours of free calls this Thanksgiving!

Truphone is another VoIP application for mobile devices, similar to Fring. It mainly supports Symbian, iPhone and iPod Touch, Android and BlackBerry.

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Opera Mobile 10 Beta

by on November 3, 2009
in Browsers, Mobile Apps

opera-new-logoOpera has certainly been in news for quite some time now. First with Opera 10 browser, then Opera Mini 5 and now today they have released Opera Mobile 10 beta.

Opera Mobile 10 Beta is now available for Nokia and S60 devices. Most notable changes in the new Opera Mobile 10 beta is the sleek design, which Opera first introduced to the world in the recent release of Opera Mini 5 beta.

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Ozone Browser, New Nokia S60 Browser

by on May 18, 2009
in Browsers, Gadgets

ozone-logoThe race for the best and the fastest web-browsers never end, whether it’s the desktop version or mobile. In the past, we have covered two such mobile web-browsers, the infamous Opera Mini which was and is still the most popular mobile web-browser and Bolt.

When Fennec, Mozilla’s mobile web-browser for S60 devices, is just round the corner (or atleast we think that), we have a new contender to be the fastest browser. o3 – Ozone Browser, is a webkit-based browser with a very fast interface and nice features.

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Take Photos in Nokia Without Camera Shutter Sound

by on April 15, 2009
in Freewares, Gadgets, Tips and Tricks

In the past, all Nokia cameraphones used to have an option to turn on or off the camera shutter sound. But recently, they seem to have removed that option because of misuse of cameraphones in some places and privacy issues.

One way of turning the camera shutter sound off is by hacking into the firmware files and modifying the code. But why get into all that hassle when it can be done from a simple freeware?

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QuickOffice 6.0 with Office 2007 Support

by on January 31, 2009
in Mobile Apps

quick-office-iconQuickOffice is an all-in-one suite for Symbina S60 phones, which allows you to create, edit and view Office document right on your Symbian device.

You can edit your documents in its original formatting and retains its quality just as it was in your computer.

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Best S60v5 Applications for Nokia 5800

by on January 26, 2009
in Mobile Apps

nokia-5800With the release of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, we saw the next version of the OS,  S60v5 SymbianOS 9.4 which has opened gates to lots of innovative mobile apps and games.

It’s main feature is the touch support, and powers all the new touch-screen phones from Nokia. Not many applications are available for S60 v5, so I compiled a list of popular apps that you can use with your Nokia 5800.

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Orkut Adds Photo Uploads for S60 Users

by on August 15, 2008
in Internet, Social Networks

Orkut is one of the most popular social-networks, mainly in Brazil and India. Since the past two months, Orkut has been making a lot of news by adding new features. First photo-tagging, drag and drop, SMS notifications and now with photo-uploading features for mobile users.

The mobile version (m.orkut.com) of Orkut was launched back in April, and has been widely adopted by users. It offers all the basic Orkut features like messages, profiles, scrapbooks, photos etc.

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