Apple Tablet Expected This October

by on August 3, 2009
in Apple

We knew this was coming, didn’t we? Apple has always been lip-tied about its upcoming products, but the year old rumours for an Apple tablet have once again sprung up and seems like it’s definite this time!

A couple of months ago, Apple denied all the rumours of any netbook or tablet but it all seems incorrect after what has been quoted at Barron’s.

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T-Mobile G2 Leaked Spy Photos

by on January 22, 2009
in Gadgets, Google

Just few days ago, I got a chance to play with Google’s G1 phone (hands-on review) which proved to be a great experience! And here we are with the G2!

Gizmodo has found some spy shots (after the jump) of the second generation Android cellphone, T-Mobile G2, again by HTC.

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