Embed RSS Headlines Using Google AJAX Feed API

Now with Google’s code generating tool, it’s very easy to embed RSS headlines into personal sites or at other places where JavaScript is allowed. All you have to do is choose a style, feed expression and generate the code! Can it get anymore easier? The code can be easily customized to suit your web-design, contains no ads and is a great tool for web beginners.

Google AJAX Feed Headlines Rotator

Choosing a style is very easy. You get to choose from three styles vertical, vertical stacked and horizontal. You can see an example of the horizontal style in the image above. In feed expression, you just add the name of the blog, and Google will find the feed for that blog itself and show you its direct feed URL. If you think that’s all what you need, press Preview button to see how it looks. Finally, when you are done with adding blogs, press the Generate Code button. You can copy/paste the code on any page where JavaScript is allowed.

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