Download Heavy Rain Demo on PlayStation 3

by on February 8, 2010
in Gaming, Tips and Tricks

Heavy_Rain_Cover_ArtHeavy Rain is an upcoming exclusive PS3 game being developed by Quantic Dream. It is set to release on 23rd February 2010. According to the director, Heavy Rain would be “a very dark film noir thriller with mature themes”, without any supernatural elements.

A demo has been released to people who took part in the Four Day Challenge, but the open demo will be releasing on 11th February. Here’s a trick that can help you get a demo now.

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Fortune Hunter Edition

by on September 6, 2009
in Gaming

uncharted-2-box-artUncharted 2: Among Thieves is another highly anticipated game after Batman: Arkham Asylum which is an exclusive PlayStation 3 title and sequel to Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune in 2007.

Uncharted 2 will feature never-seen-before graphics engine used in this game along with a new gameplay that PS3 users will be the first to experience on a gaming console.

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