Download Naima PS3 CFW 3.55/3.60 Hybrid with Full PSN Access

by on March 16, 2011
in Personal

Naima CFW 3.55 / 3.60 Hybrid is now available for download. Naima Custom Firmware 3.55 / 3.60 Hybrid gives full PSN access and retains jailbreak PS3 3.60 firmware.

The CFW 3.55 / 3.60 is actually a hybrid of PS3 firmware 3.55 and 3.60. It uses some files from the new PS3 firmware 3.60 update and at the backend, it is still the old PS3 3.55 firmware.

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PS3 Firmware 3.60 Jailbreak Shown on Video

by on March 16, 2011
in Gaming

PSX-Scene has confirmed that PS3 3.60 firmware has been jailbroken successfully! And guess what, this would soon be available for download and you will also be able to jailbreak PS3 3.60 firmware.

I hope it’s released soon, and not held back as in the case with the PS3 3.56 firmware jailbreak.

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PS3 Firmware 3.56 Jailbreak Now Available

by on January 29, 2011
in Gaming

Sony released an official PS3 firmware update v3.56 yesterday, which brought fixes to the previous jailbreak holes.

The new PS3 update 3.56 was jailbroken within hours of its release i.e yes, jailbreak PS3 firmware 3.56 is still possible on the new official update.

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PS3 Jailbreak from iPhone 3GS Coming Soon

by on September 8, 2010
in Gaming, iPhone

Jailbreaking PS3 is now possible with Android phones, like I posted yesterday and also gave the full instructions on how to hack PS3 it with the Nexus One.

On the same side, there is a long list of devices these folks are targetting from which you will be able to hack your PlayStation 3 without having to buy a $150 USB. iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch is in the list too!

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Tutorial: How to Jailbreak PS3 with Nexus One

by on September 7, 2010
in Android, Gadgets, Gaming, Tips and Tricks

I just wrote about the newly discovered PS3 jailbreak which can now be done using your Nexus One, HTC Desire or other Android handsets.

PS3 jailbreak from Android phones is completely free to use, unlike the USB mod to jailbreak PS3 which required you to purchase the USB for $150.

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Jailbreak PS3 for Free with Android Phones

by on September 7, 2010
in Android, Gadgets, Gaming

You can now jailbreak PlayStation 3 using an Android phone! Previously, we reported about a USB mod that was discovered to jailbreak PS3, but was being sold for $150. But now you can still jailbreak PS3 for free, that is, if you have an Android phone!

Not all Android-handsets support this, but PS3 jailbreak has been proved with a Nexus One on a demo video attached after the jump. More devices will be added over time.

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PS Jailbreak for PS3 Now Available

by on August 20, 2010
in Gaming, Tips and Tricks

PS3 jailbreak was long due and now we finally have it, thanks to xiaNaix of PSX-Scene. PS Jailbreak is a USB plug and play solution that installs in seconds, keeping your valid warranty seal in tact.

It gives you a number of new features and stuff to do with your PS3. PS Jailbreak is compatible with all production models ‘fat’ and ‘slim’ and supports all regions: USA, JAP, PAL and KOREA.

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Android PlayStation Emulator, PSX4Droid 1.0

by on July 28, 2010
in Android, Mobile Apps

PSX4Droid 1.0 brings an Android PlayStation emulator to the mobile platform, which actually works well.

Console emulators for mobile platforms are nothing new. NES emulators are the most common ones available for Symbian, jailbroken iPhone OS and Android, but a PlayStation One emulator is something new!

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PlayStation Move Release Date and Price Announced

by on June 16, 2010
in Gadgets, Gaming

PlayStation Move was officially named and announced by Sony at the Sony GDC back in March. Today, at E3 2010, Sony unveiled the release date and pricing of their motion controller in the Sony keynote.

Along with the launch of PlayStation Move, Sony will release around 15-20 game titles to play with this device among them is the new destiny 2 raid boost. More details on the release date and pricing after the break.


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