Find eBooks, PDF Files with OpenPDF

by on January 16, 2010
in Tips and Tricks, Web 2.0

openpdf-logoFinding PDF files using Google is not a new trick and many people use that to look for PDF files they want. But a search engine specifically for this job is always better.

OpenPDF is a search engine for finding/searching PDF files available publicly online. There is nothing much to explain in as you just have to type in your query in the search box and hit Enter.

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Easily Create Forms and PDF Documents with Doculicious

by on February 10, 2009
in Freewares, Tips and Tricks, Web 2.0

doculiciousI’ve just stumbled upon a free web-based service that allows you to print and fill-in PDF or Word forms and documents. The software basically simplifies the whole process of form completion for your customers and makes it easy for you to track and process completed forms without having to worry about searching them.

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Merge Multiple PDF Documents for Free

by on February 8, 2009
in Tips and Tricks, Tools, Web 2.0

pdf-iconMany times you must have seen that some authors publish their long e-books in multiple parts, instead of one big PDF document. For some, it could be handy i.e on mobile devices which, sometimes, work slow with big documents. But many prefer one big document.

For the later kind, I have found a perfect web app that could help you. MergePDF is a free service that could combine multiple PDF documents into a single one.

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Create Free PDF Documents with PrimoOnline

by on September 5, 2008
in Internet, Personal, Tools

Online PDF creation services are getting quite common now. They eliminate the hassle of installing applications on your computer and let us create PDF files online using web apps.

PrimoOnline is a totally free PDF creator that provides a super-fast way to create PDF files online, without the need to install any PDF software.

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How To Unlock PDF Documents Online

by on August 16, 2008
in Tips and Tricks, Tools

The last time I shared a PDF files related utility was how to extract images from PDF documents. This time its a free online tool that allows you to unlock a locked PDF document. Password-protected PDF documents prevent the user from copying and pasting or printing it’s contents.

Free PDF Unlock Online Utility is in beta stage, and easily removes the protection from a PDF file to view its content. You might need this tool in cases where the author has used a font which is not available by default in Windows.

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Extract Images From PDF Files

by on August 7, 2008
in Freewares, Tips and Tricks, Tools

Till now whenever I needed images from a PDF files, I simply took the screenshot of the page by hitting the print screen button and then crop out the image. But this method takes lots of time, and is not recommended if you frequently need images from PDF files.

PDF Image Extract is a free utility that you can use to easily extract images from a PDF document. It saves you lots of time as you can queue up multiple PDF files in batch and extract their images in to one folder.

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How To Watermark PDF Documents For Free

by on August 3, 2008
in Freewares, Tips and Tricks

None of us like when someone else claims our work as his own, without crediting the original author. The best and the easiest way to protect your content is by watermarking it with your name, company name or site logo.

PDF Watermark Creator is a free tool that lets you watermark your PDF pages in bulk quickly and easily. To stamp a watermark on your PDF files is to mark you PDF documents as your copyrighted property. The watermark can be stamped behind virtually every elements of a PDF file. You can choose whether to overwrite the existing text of a PDF file when the watermark is created.

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PDF Search Engine: Find PDF Documents & E-Books

by on June 21, 2008
in Internet, Tools

PDF Search Engine

If you thought you have to remember the difficult search modifiers for Google to search for e-books and PDF files, this is where the PDF Search Engine makes our search easier. PDF Search Engine is a search engine that let users search for PDF files and with PDF documents, you get e-books as well, because most e-books are in PDF format. Just enter the keyword or phrase in the search box, and press Enter.

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Foxit Reader: The Best PDF Reader

by on May 22, 2008
in Freewares, General, Softwares

Foxit PDF Reader is a free PDF reader which runs on minimum resources and is only 2.55MB in size, as compared to Adobe Reader (more than 20MB). I have been using this application for quite a while now, and I can proudly say that it’s the best PDF reader! I don’t even remember the last time I installed Adobe Reader. Foxit Reader is itself built with tons of features that you don’t need any other reader along with this one.

Foxit PDF Reader

The best part is, it does not start at system start-up, nor run any services in the background. This makes this application very lightweight and does not eat system resources. Let’s take a look at some of its features.

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