How to Switch New and Old Orkut Designs

by on November 1, 2009
in Social Networks, Tips and Tricks

Orkut logoOrkut has revamped their site and have now rebuilt it from ground using Google Web Toolkit (GWT) which has turned Orkut a lot faster, richer and more intuitive experience for everyone.

I have been offering invitations to everyone in my other post. If you have got the new design and are not satisfied with it, you can always go back to the old design.

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How to Multi-Login in Orkut

by on October 18, 2009
in Social Networks, Tips and Tricks

Orkut logoNo matter how much spam-filled Orkut is right now, but it’s still the most used social network in India, Brazil and several other countries.

Some people use multiple accounts for their online presence. Like, not everyone likes to have their family and friends in the same account (Orkut doesn’t have a list feature like Facebook).

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Faster Login for Gmail and Orkut

Last night, somehow, I stumbled upon Tricks4Fun where I found this cool trick to open Gmail and Orkut faster. This trick can be a really very useful for people who use slow dial-up connections. :D

Faster Gmail Interface
To check your mails in a fast way, then simply open and login in with your username and password. Pretty simple, eh? Actually, this interface was created for cell phone users, who want to check their mails. So, slow internet users can take advantage of this and use this to check their mails. :)

Faster Orkut Login
As you all know, that the main Orkut page consists of number of images and that heavy login box. So, just to skip that you can use this alternate log-in page to login your Orkut account. Just point your browser to this url and the log-in page will open. :D

Enjoy! :D