Top 10 Most Popular and Must-Have WordPress Plugins

by on April 29, 2007
in Tips and Tricks, WordPress

Ok, peeps. Here, I bring you the top ten most popular useful WordPress plugins.

WordPress is one of the best and most popular blogging platforms. It has a huge community with a large number of free themes and plugins available. It provides most of the features out of the box, but still some extra plugins are needed to enhance and optimize WordPress blogs. I have listed below some of the most popular WordPress plugins.

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How to Optimize WordPress Blog

by on April 24, 2007
in Tips and Tricks, WordPress

As you use WordPress, you may notice that page loads are taking longer and the site seems to grind along.

It turns out that junk data may be piling up and slowing down your site, right? Well, to get rid of these problems, I have found just the topic needed. According to Sizlopedia, this because of activating and deactivating plugins, making changes such as new categories etc.

Check out this post for some tips and plugins that can help you clean up and speed up your blog.

Connected Internet also has a list of links to articles that explain how to speed up your site.

This is not all. There are other number of tips/tricks and other resources available online to optimize your WordPress blog for faster load times, better SEO and a more secure installation of WordPress.

Top 10 Most Popular and Must-Have WordPress Plugins