Download Live Android 0.3

by on October 29, 2009
in Android, Freewares, Softwares

Live Android logoI’ve already told before about Live Android that let’s you run Android OS on your computer from a bootable CD. You don’t need a phone to experience Android on your PC.

Live Android 0.3 is now available for download with lots of new features and apps like Super Mario, virtualization support, mouse-wheel etc.

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More Chrome OS Leaked Screenshots

by on September 1, 2009
in Google, Internet

google-chrome-logoGoogle Chrome was first announced back in July, an OS aimed for netbooks market initially with minimal features and Google services integration.

Since its announcement, we’ve seen leaked Chrome OS screenshots several times, but none of them has any confirmation of being the right ones. Another tipster sent alleged screenshots of Chrome OS being leaked to TechCrunch.

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Ubuntu Official App Center Coming Soon

by on August 30, 2009
in Linux

At the recent Ubuntu Developer’s Summit, Ubuntu announced its planned to include an App Center officially in its OS which will allow users to easily manage applications using that.

Now known as, Software Store, will let you add, remove or update application packages from a simple graphical interface without messing up with commands.

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Pre-Order Mac OS X Snow Leopard Now!

by on August 24, 2009
in Apple

mac-os-x-snow-leopardA while ago, the Apple Store went down for sometime, and we know whenever it goes down unexpectedly, there is something new coming for us. And yes, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard is now available for pre-order!

Rumours have been up that Apple will start shipping OS X Snow Leopard this Friday, but there was no pre-order announcement of the product.

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Google Chrome OS Screenshots Leaked?

by on July 31, 2009
in Google, Internet

google-chrome-logoSince Google Chrome OS was announced, there has been no news or any other hints on when the OS is actually going to be available for public. And all they said was that the OS is going to be lightweight and is mainly for netbooks.

An anonymous person sent some images to Download Squad today, claiming them to be the leaked screenshots of Google Chrome OS.

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Google Chrome OS: It’s Official!

by on July 9, 2009
in Google

google-chrome-logoA major bomb was dropped on Microsoft when Google today announced that they are working on an operating system called, Google Chrome OS.

Rumours about a Google OS have been circulating the Internet for quite a while now, but were never confirmed or made officil before. Microsoft was going to announce something big today, but before they did, Google announced Chrome OS earlier today.

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Microsoft Announces Windows 7 Prices

by on June 27, 2009
in Microsoft, Windows

windows-7-box-artWe all know that Microsoft will start selling Windows 7  from October 22nd, but we didn’t had any confirmations on what the pricing will be like.

Early rumours said that Microsoft will offer free upgrade to Windows 7 for Vista users, but that was all proved wrong with the latest pricing announced.

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Ubuntu 9.10 will be called Karmic Koala

by on February 22, 2009
in Linux

Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of the largest open-source operating system, Linux, announced a couple of days ago about Ubuntu 9.10 (named as Karmic Koala) and the number of changes Ubuntu 9.10 will bring with it.

Some features that are expected in Karmic Koala are the cloud capabilities to Ubuntu’s server edition, along with startup performance boost on the desktop and work on the netbook version of Ubuntu.

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Windows 7 Beta Activation Keys

by on January 10, 2009
in Microsoft, Tips and Tricks, Windows

windows-7-logoIt really looks as if the only topic left to discuss on this blog is Windows 7 LOL! Again, I’m here with another Windows 7-related post, which I think will be loved by all who have been trying to get their hands on a Windows 7 activation key.

Yesterday, when Microsoft couldn’t handle the traffic flood of Windows enthusiasts who wanted to download Windows 7 beta, they pulled down the download links along with the link to activation keys.

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