Office 15 Screenshots & Videos Leaked

by on March 14, 2011
in Microsoft, Windows

Microsoft Office 15 is the next major update to the office suite of applications from Microsoft.

A number of leaks have happened in the past few days. Two leaks of Windows 8 images and now Office 15 screenshots have leaked.

The new Microsoft Office 15 screenshots show an updated ribbon interface, but does not have the ‘Metro’ UI that everyone is talking about, plus it is expected that Microsoft will be using its Metro UI in all its products, including Windows 8.

Office 15 Screenshots

Office 15 Video

[Via Neowin]

Office 2012 Release Date On MSDN Blog

by on January 31, 2010
in Microsoft

office-2012-logoI just posted the Windows 8 release date that was posted on Chris Green’s MSDN blog. Not on that, he also posted the Office 2012 release date. Office 2012 is also known as Office 15.

Microsoft Office 2012 RTM is set to release exactly an year after Windows 8 RTM. How true is this news? Only time will tell. You never know when Microsoft might change its mind when to release a product.

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