How To Fix Nokia N96 Video Playback Issue

by on November 11, 2008
in Gadgets

One thing I noticed when I bought my Nokia N96 is that it has a manufacturing fault in its 16GB mass memory. After installing a few applications and uploading about 8GB of music, I noticed some issues with the video playback.

Whenever I tried to play any videos (pre-loaded or my own), it was stalling with sound breaking up. In oher words, those videos were not viewable on the phone at all.

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How To Take Screenshots of Nokia S60 Phone

by on November 9, 2008
in Gadgets, Tips and Tricks

Recently I wrote on how to use Twitter on your Nokia phone. In that article, I wanted to attach a few screenshots of the Twitter clients running on my phone, but I didn’t know how to take screneshots.

I Googled for a screenshot app for Nokia, and found Screenshot. This useful and popular application is a free tool to take screenshot on your Symbian OS mobile phones (UIQ or S60).

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How To Enable Theme Effects in Nokia N96

by on October 11, 2008
in Tips and Tricks

Yesterday, I reviewed my latest gadget, the Nokia N96! And just as promised, from now on I’ll be sharing tips and tricks related to Nokia N96 and other similar handsets.

After playing with my Nokia N96 for more than two weeks now, I’ve come to know that many of the nice features have been disabled by default. In this article, I’ll tell you how you can enable the theme effects for a snazzier menu and a nice auto-rotation transition.

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