Android 2.2 Froyo Ported to Nokia N900

by on July 3, 2010
in Android

Nokia-N900-photo-4Nokia N900, one of Nokia’s flagship smartphone in the market today has a unique status now among smartphones. The smartphone, being a non-Android operating system device is among the first smartphones (along with HTC’s Nexus One) which gets Android 2.2 Froyo. Obviously, this feat was achieved through hacks, but this is the most successful hack done as the device seems to work seamlessly with Android 2.2 running on it. Support for Wi-Fi and hardware keyboard is available to users while using Android 2.2 Froyo on the Nokia N900 and other basic necessities are also fulfilled comprehensively.

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Mauku: Twitter Client for Nokia N900

by on October 18, 2009
in Mobile Apps

mauku-twitter-client-n900-1I’m sure you’ve all heard of Gravity, the most popular and by far the best Twitter client available for Nokia S60 phones. Not sure if there will be any Gravity for Maemo or not, but there is already a Twitter client available for Maemo 5.

Mauku is a free Twitter client for Maemo 5 (Nokia N900). It brings two micro-blogging services to your Maemo device.

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Nokia N900, Maemo 5-Powered Phone Annoucned

by on August 28, 2009
in Gadgets

Nokia-N900-photo-2The other day only I was taking about Nokia should now finally announce the Maemo 5-powered phone, the Nokia N900, and voila! It’s finally here!

We have seen a number of its photo leaks over the past few days, but an official announcement is all we wanted with the confirmed specifications sheet and more information about Maemo 5.

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More Official Pictures of N97 Mini & N900 Leaked

by on August 26, 2009
in Gadgets

nokia- n900-tablet-official-photoYesterday, a photo of Nokia N900 and a some review photos of N97 Mini leaked on the internet, yet there is no official word about these two smartphones from Nokia.

And luckily, two more photos have leaked today. I think Nokia should probably announce these phones officially as everyone knows about them now.

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Nokia N900 Internet Tablet Leaked Photo and Specs

by on August 25, 2009
in Gadgets

nokia-n900-press-photoWe knew Nokia was working on the N810 successor, but no official photos or specs  had been released. But thanks to some tipster at BeGeek, we now have the first press image of the Nokia N900 Internet tablet.

The official announcement is supposed to be made on September 2, at the upcoming Nokia World event.

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