Google Nexus S: Specifications, Photos, Release Date

by on December 6, 2010
in Android, Google

Nexus S has just been unveiled by Google with some Gingergbread (Android 2.3) awesome-ness. All the details we need is now available online on the official Google Nexus S website which went live a few minutes ago.

Here is a detailed post on what you need to know about the Google Nexus S. Read more after the jump to see all the Nexus S details.

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Nexus One FRF72 Software Update

by on June 12, 2010
in Android, Google

Nexus One FRF72 software update has started rolling out! Google has just started pushing the software update OTA internally, and will be followed by a public release real soon. And no, it’s not Android 2.3 ;)


Not much is known about what new changes and features have been added in this FRF72 software update for Nexus One, but it looks nothing more than bug fix and improvement release.

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Root Android 2.2 on Nexus One

It’s been just a few minutes since the Android 2.2 manual update file has been released and guess what, we already have the method to root Android 2.2 on Nexus One!

This time, the quick root has been out by Cynogen who has managed to compile a quick root access method for Android 2.2 (Froyo) which adds Busybox and Superuser.

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Android 2.2 Hidden Feature: Trackball Colours

by on May 22, 2010
in Android

google-nexus-one-thumbAndroid 2.2 (Froyo) is now available to most of the Nexus One users, ofcourse, except the users have rooted their N1 will have to wait for an officialFroyo dump for their devices to update.

This update comes with an interesting feature which was never highlighted at the Google I/O 2010, trackball colours! This feature was rumoured months ago to be included in the next Android update, and it really is, but was never mentioned anywhere by Google. Or may be, it’s only for the N1 trackball?

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Fennec for Android Download Now Available

by on March 31, 2010
in Android, Firefox

fennec-logoFennec for Android is now available for download, unofficially though. Mozilla said they would be soon releasing a working, simple alpha release of Fenenc but it’s nowhere to be seen so far.

A developer at Android forums managed to grab the dump from Mozilla Wiki and compile it in to an app that he tried and tested on his Motorola Droid.

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Nexus One Now Compatible with AT&T and Rogers

by on March 18, 2010
in Android, Google

nexus-one-logo Google has announced that Nexus One will now be available for AT&T in US and Rogers Wireless in Canada. When Nexus One was launched, it was only available on the Google Web Store, unlocked version so users can user any GSM network.

However, different carriers have different 3G frequencies. Nexus One in the start worked with almost all the carriers except AT&T and Rogers because of its 3G frequency. So users using any of these SIM cards usually could access 2G or EDGE network.

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Nexus One Emergency Charger

by on March 8, 2010
in Gadgets

nexus-one-emergency-charger-1Nexus One is currently the most powerful Android phone available in the market right now. There other cools ones coming too, like the HTC Desire, but for now, Nexus One is the one to go for if you want to experience Android OS.

Even with so many features, the Nexus One is powered with a 1400 mAh battery which hardly gives around 6-7 hours for full-time users. Battery timing was improved a lot in the last software update, but still 1400mAh is not enough.

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Enable Paid Apps in Android Market

android-market-social-featuredWe all know Android Market is not available in all the countries yet. Not exactly the entire Market, but users in countries like India, Pakistan and a number of other places don’t get paid apps in Android Market on their phone. Only free apps are accessible.

Market Enabler is an Android app for ‘rooted’ devices that could be used to fake a phone’s location and access Android Market from other countries.

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Flash 10.1 for Android, Not All Devices Supported

by on February 27, 2010
in Android

adobe-flash-logoAdobe has been demonstrated Flash several times on Android devices. The first time was two years ago on the G1, but everytime the release of Flash 10.1 has been delayed due to some or the other performance issues.

Most of these issues are because of the first generation of Android devices, i.e G1, myTouch 3G etc. and for that, Adobe has decided to drop out Flash support for these devices.

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