Google Nexus S: Specifications, Photos, Release Date

by on December 6, 2010
in Android, Google

Nexus S has just been unveiled by Google with some Gingergbread (Android 2.3) awesome-ness. All the details we need is now available online on the official Google Nexus S website which went live a few minutes ago.

Here is a detailed post on what you need to know about the Google Nexus S. Read more after the jump to see all the Nexus S details.

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Nexus S on Video with Eric Schmidt

by on November 17, 2010
in Android, Gadgets

Yes! Samsung Nexus S is finally on video, and not by any leaked source. Eric Schmidt showcased an “unannounced device” (probably the Google Nexus S) and talked about Gingerbread (Android 2.3) running on board that device. This device is built by Samsung.

Eric Schmidt was on stage at the Web 2.0 summit yesterday, and O’Reilly Media managed to capture the whole thing on video Рalong with the sexy Nexus S. Watch the video after the jump!

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