Upgrade Flock: Changes In Facebook Code

by on May 15, 2008
in Softwares

Flock logoWhenever, I want to use social networking sites, I always use Flock for that purpose. I’ve all my information like passwords, saved forms related to such sites saved in Flock. After all, it’s a Social Web Browser. Yesterday, when I opened Facebook, I noticed that the usual sidebar that always opened while browsing Facebook, did not open.

At first I thought, that may be because of my slow PC, but later I came to know from the official blog, that it was actually a problem at their end. Facebook changed some code in their site yesterday, and due to that, all previous releases of Flock now have this problem, that the Facebook People sidebar does not open.

Flock logoThey got aware of the problem as soon as it occurred, and they have rolled out an update as Flock 1.1.4. It is recommended to all Flock users to update your browser. It will be available through Automatic Update later tonight.

Download Flock 1.1.4 (10.6 MB)

The Problem Still Persists?

It has been reported that for some people, the problem is still there. Even after upgrading. Well, for those people, Flock has given some instructions to follow. Follow them carefully:

  1. Select the Tools->Options menu, or, if on a mac, Flock->Preferences
  2. From that dialog, select the Advanced pane
  3. Inside this pane choose the “Update” tab
  4. Click on the “Force Service Updates” button
  5. Restart Flock
  6. Enjoy your Facebook people again!

I hope you Flock People sidebar for Facebook is now up and running.

Image credit to [Flickr ]