YouTube Mobile Redesigned for All Mobile Devices

by on July 9, 2010
in Internet

youtube_logo300x173.pngYouTube, arguably today’s most popular video sharing and streaming website is constantly upgrading and making changes to its services to keep the user interest at large. From HD support to a new embedded player, new features and upgrades are made available every now and then. Most recently, YouTube has announced that now it will revamp its mobile website to allow support for the complete YouTube experience which the desktop users enjoy. This includes changes which will enable the YouTube experience to be enhanced on all modern smartphones, including the iPhone.

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HTC Magic: The Next G2 Announced

by on February 20, 2009
in Gadgets

Remember the leaked photos I shared of another Android-powered T-mobile phone, which was termed as ‘G2’? Well, the curtains finally went up when, a couple of days ago at the Mobile World Congress ’09, HTC Magic was announced.

HTC Magic will be the first touch-only phone, featuring the upcoming Android Cupcake update, which also includes an on-screen keyboard.

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Huawei Android Phone Announced

by on February 17, 2009
in Android, Gadgets

huawei-phone-scA very pleasant telecom update for Android lovers is that a Chinese telecommunication company Huawei has announced their first Android powered smartphone.

They announced it at MWC 2009 at Barcelona. After the success of G1, Android has already got its way to rule the telecom market when Motorola, Samsung, Kogan and now Huawei have announced their Android powered smart phones.

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Microsoft Recite: Voice Note App by Microsoft

by on February 15, 2009
in Microsoft, Mobile Apps

microsoft-reciteThere have been number of note-taking applications which include text and photo notes. But a voice-note application, and that also by Microsoft is something new in the industry.

Today, Microsoft unveiled Microsoft Recite, a new service to the public that could record random voice notes and you can recall that message later by speaking back to the app.

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QuickOffice 6.0 with Office 2007 Support

by on January 31, 2009
in Mobile Apps

quick-office-iconQuickOffice is an all-in-one suite for Symbina S60 phones, which allows you to create, edit and view Office document right on your Symbian device.

You can edit your documents in its original formatting and retains its quality just as it was in your computer.

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Opera Mini 4.2 for Android

by on January 29, 2009
in Browsers

opera-mini-logoOpera Mini for Android was in beta stage since November 2008, but the Opera team has finally made it live, the final Opera Mini 4.2 for Google Android.

It is is an award-winning  Java-based web browser for mobile phones, which is being used by more than 44 million people!

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Best S60v5 Applications for Nokia 5800

by on January 26, 2009
in Mobile Apps

nokia-5800With the release of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, we saw the next version of the OS,  S60v5 SymbianOS 9.4 which has opened gates to lots of innovative mobile apps and games.

It’s main feature is the touch support, and powers all the new touch-screen phones from Nokia. Not many applications are available for S60 v5, so I compiled a list of popular apps that you can use with your Nokia 5800.

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iPhone Getting Bluetooth File Transfer Soon

by on January 26, 2009
in Gadgets, iPhone, Mobile Apps

iphone-post-imageNot including Bluetooth file transfer was one of the most talked about not-added-features of iPhone when they came out. But looks like, some rogue developers have finally decided to fill that gap!

Bluetooth file transfer is among the most awaited features of iPhone, but Apple doesn’t look any interested in adding that feature any soon. But thanks to Cydia, iBluetooth app will soon let transfer files with other cell phones.

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HTC Touch Cruise Officially Announced

by on January 23, 2009
in Gadgets

In the last one week, I’ve wr8itten two articles about HTC handsets. The G1, and leaked photos of G2. No wonder, I’m becoming a fan of HTC, and might get one as my next cell phone along with the Nokia N97.

Recently in Germany, the new HTC Touch Cruise has been officially announced for the rest of the world.

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