Windows 8 Consumer Preview Activation Keys

by on February 29, 2012
in Microsoft, Tips and Tricks, Windows

Windows 8

Windows 8 Consumer Preview has just been launched by Microsoft and is now available for download. You can grab the 32-bit and 64-bit download from the Windows 8 website.

When you download Windows 8, Microsoft is also giving out Windows 8 product/activation keys that you can use with the Consumer Preview release.

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How to Install Third-Party Themes in Windows 7 with Universal Theme Patcher

by on July 23, 2011
in Tips and Tricks, Windows

Microsoft offer tons of Windows 7 themes and you can download and use those Windows themes for free. However, Microsoft doesn’t allow third-party themes to make major changes to your OS.

You can still manage to do so, by tweaking and patching some system files i.e uxtheme.dll, themeui.dll, themeservice.dll. Universal Theme Patcher is a free utility which patches these 3 files so you can download custom Windows 7 themes and use them on your computer.

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Install Windows 8 on USB Drive with Portable Workspace Feature

Windows 8 leaks have helped us discover so many new features that will be releasing with Windows 8 Enterprise/Ultimate. We still believe that these early-developmental leaks of Windows 8  might have features that may not actually make it to the final version, but still, every new feature is worth checking out!

Microsoft will make sure Windows 8 supports a range of other devices other than just tablets, PCs. Windows 8 installation will not just be limited to Hard Disks, but can now also be installed on USB drives. Widows 8 will allow you to install Windows on USB drive, bootable.

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Download Windows 8 (Build 7850) Full ISO

by on April 12, 2011
in Microsoft

Another BIG leak today! Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview has just been available for download after its announcement at MIX11, and now, Windows 8 (Build 7850) Milestone 1 has leaked over the Internet.

Windows 8 (build 7850) M1 goes by the name 6.1.7850.0.winmain_win8m1.100922-1508_x86fre_client-enterprise_en-us.iso on torrent websites and is available for download for everyone!

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Watch MIX 2011 Keynote Live Video Streaming

by on April 12, 2011
in Microsoft

MIX11 just got kicked off, revealing the first platform preview of IE10 (Internet Explorer 10). You can download IE 10 from here.

If you can’t catch MIX11 in-person, watch the event live from Las Vegas on the MIX live video streaming website.

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Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 1

by on April 12, 2011
in Browsers, Microsoft

Yes! Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 1 just got announced at the MIX11. You can download Internet Explorer 10 from their website!

More coverage and details on the first platform preview version of Internet explorer 10 (IE10) will be posted later. For now, grab the download from below and enjoy the speedy fast IE10.

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Windows 8 System Reset Screenshot Leaked

by on March 26, 2011
in Windows

A number of new features are going to be added in Windows 8, and out of all those, the one we have seen before has again leaked in a Windows 8 screenshot – system reset.

Windows 8 will be able to reset a system to its factory settings in just a few minutes. According to this new Windows 8 screenshot leak, the system reset button will be located near the system restore option. This latest leak comes from

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Internet Explorer 10 Might Ship With Windows 8

by on March 16, 2011
in Browsers, Windows

Microsoft is planning to ship Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) with Windows 8? Well, it seems so. IE9 just released yesterday and the rumours of IE10 have already started surfacing that it might be released along with Windows 8 in 2012.

This new rumour comes in from a Chinese website Win7China – The same website that leaked the first Windows 8 screenshots.

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Windows 8 Aero Lite Leaked Screenshots

by on March 15, 2011
in Internet, Windows

Lots of Windows 8 leaks this week. First the taskbar screenshots, then Office 15 screenshots leaked out and today morning we saw Windows 8 Metro UI icons and now new Windows 8 Aero Lite screenshots!

Windows 8 is rumoured to have the popular Metro UI (Aero Lite) and the first of its screenshots have leaked today, thanks to!

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