Microsoft WorldWide Telescope Launched

by on May 13, 2008
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Microsoft WorldWide TelescopeThe long-awaited, highly anticipated WorldWide Telescope by the software giant, Microsoft, is finally here! They launched the public beta today. This application of Microsoft is quite similar to Google Earth and Virtual Earth. It’s an application that lets you explore the heavens right from your desktop!

The images you see are actually astronomical photos that are stitched together. Back at the data centers, Microsoft has more than a terabyte of high-resolution images for everyone to explore. Browsing the night sky with a telescope client, right from our desktop is really fun. Whether you want to freely roam around the sky, or watch a guided tours of various celestial features (narrated by astronomers and teachers), it’s all in there. If you are star-gazing fan, and have a telescope at home, or work place, you can even connect that with your computer and control it with this application. Or how about joining communities of stargazers? :D


You don’t even have to worry about any disk space, because this application does not store any images on the hard disk for offline exploring. It simply connects, and only downloads the currently browsed images to the hard disk. So you don’t have to worry about getting a new disk for storing a terabyte of images.

WorldWide Telescope is an extremely feature packed and complex application with tons of cool features. I’ve just downloaded it now, I’ll take a full tour around the application on the weekend.

In the official press release from Microsoft, they quote Bill Gates saying:

“The WorldWide Telescope is a powerful tool for science and education that makes it possible for everyone to explore the universe.

By combining terabytes of incredible imagery and data with easy-to-use software for viewing and moving through all that information, the WorldWide Telescope opens the door to new ways to see and experience the wonders of space. Our hope is that it will inspire young people to explore astronomy and science, and help researchers in their quest to better understand the universe.”


You can download Microsoft WorldWide Telescope from here. Remember, it is a Windows only application.

I don’t think there can be any better opportunity for adults and kids, to see what’s out there. I guess, I’ll have to plan my next vacation to WorldWide Telescope to fully explore the skies! ;) After a long time, Microsoft has really made me happy.

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