4 Services to Make Money with Twitter

by on May 20, 2009
in Personal

twitter-logo-birdieTwitter is still the most dominating micro-blogging service out there and continues to grow at an amazing rate. There are many Twitter profiles with thousands/millions of followers and could get way better if one starts making money out of his addiction i.e Twittering.

Previously, Magpie was the only service that allowed you to make money on Twitter. Then came TwittAd. Now there are two more services that I have included in the list below. There are no confirmations of their reliability, but the following monetizing services for Twitter looks promising.

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Share Images and Make Money with NachoFoto

by on October 28, 2008
in Internet

Google Adsense is no doubt the best advertising network for publishers to make money. You can put Google ads on your blog/website, and earn more after using optimizing tweaks.

I have got more easier way to earn money which doesn’t require you to have any website/blog. NachoFoto is a free image sharing service which lets you earn revenue with your pictures.

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How to Make Money with your Twitter Profile

by on September 4, 2008
in General, Internet, Tips and Tricks

Everyone loves making money online, right? Making money through blogs is quite old now and is one of the easiest ways to earn something. Micro-blogging sites i.e Twitter never had any monetizing networks where people can also make money.

This is where TwittAd comes in. TwittAd is an ad network for twitter that allows people to put ads on their Twitter profiles and earn money out of it.

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Photrade: Make Money From Your Photos

by on August 22, 2008
in Internet

Photrade is a free online service that shares, protects and lets you make money from your photos. You can share your stock images, protect your existing images or simply let others use your images for some cash and make money out of them!

They provide unprecedented protection for photos and offer a free photo marketplace where photographers can sell stock, prints and merchandise or use our Adcosystem (TM) where photographers get paid for every view of their photo, anywhere on the internet.

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Create an Online Store with Zilo

by on August 17, 2008
in Freebies, General, Internet, Tools, Web 2.0

If you are looking for a script to set up up an online store for your website, then I think you should give this article a read as I have found a very nice service that does the job pretty well.

Zilo is a service that lets you create your online store for your website or blog and make money out of it. You earn commission up to 10% whenever any of their products is sold on your store. Every store is given a unique sub-domain i.e yourname.zilo.com by which the store owners can promote their online stores on blogs/websites.

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