Hide Files & Folders, Password Protect with My Lockbox

by on November 8, 2008
in Freewares, Internet, Softwares, Tools

Normally you don’t find applications that password protect files and folders also have folder hiding capabilities. Here’s one solution I have found for you that gives double protection to your files by first password protecting it then hide it too.

My Lockbox is a security software that enables you to password protect any folder on your computer and then hide it from any user or application of your system, which includes System Administrator too!

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Encrypt Personal Data with LockCrypt

by on September 4, 2008
in Freewares, Softwares, Tools

I have shared many freewares that offer file encryption and posted tricks to lock your personal data over the last few months. Using them you can protect your confidential data from unauthorized access.

LockCrypt is a free, easy to use account management program which provides a secure, central database to store difficult to remember passwords and other personal information.

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Lock that pr0n!

There are many applications which allows you to lock and password protect your important and private files. Some of the big names include Folder Lock, Folder Guard etc. These softwares are only used when there is no way other way left to lock files. But my friend at TechBuzz has shown that you can easily lock your files and drives by using the following trick. The best thing is that you don’t need to download anyhing.

Ok, enough wasting time… Here’s the tutorial:

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