New Goodies from Google GMail for Lab Rats

Canned Responses is the latest mod from the GMail Labs. If you find yourself writing the same email messages over and over again, this mod will make your life a whole lot easier.

Instead of copy/pasting from text files, canned Responses lets you quickly insert template text messages from a list of messages that you can pre-define. You can use it for frequently repeated queries, acceptance/rejection emails, campaigns or anything else that suits your needs.

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FireFox Screen Space Tweaks – Tree Style Tab

FirefoxIf you are an internet power-user / info-maniac, chances are that you use Firefox as your primary browser, and if you have been a Firefox user for a few months, your have undoubtedly installed a bunch of add-ons and plugins that are now a part of your life. These Add-ons are constantly vying for screen real estate and leaving you on the constant lookout to use the few million precious pixels on your screen(s) more effectively.

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