Nokia N920 Internet Tablet Leaked

by on October 16, 2009
in Gadgets

Nokia N920The Maemo 5-powered Nokia N900 Internet Tablet is yet to make it to the market, and it seems that its successor, Nokia N920, has already made an appearance in the wild.

According to various sources, it has been rumoured that N920 will be powered by Maemo 6. Nokia has already unveiled their plans that they have started working on the future iteration of the platform.

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Internet Explorer 8 RC1 Leaked

by on January 24, 2009
in Browsers, Internet, Microsoft, Softwares

internet-explorer-8-ie8Yesterday only we heard news of Microsoft releasing Internet Explorer 8 RC1 in the next few days.

But it looks like, some people can’t even wait that much and have leaked the first Release Candidate (RC1) version of Internet Explorer 8.

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