Nokia N920 Internet Tablet Leaked

by on October 16, 2009
in Gadgets

Nokia N920The Maemo 5-powered Nokia N900 Internet Tablet is yet to make it to the market, and it seems that its successor, Nokia N920, has already made an appearance in the wild.

According to various sources, it has been rumoured that N920 will be powered by Maemo 6. Nokia has already unveiled their plans that they have started working on the future iteration of the platform.

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Windows Live Messenger 9 Leaked Again

There has been another leakage from the Windows Live Messenger team. Previously, an initial alpha release was leaked which introduced some interesting new features.

And once again, another build was leaked on torrents and underground forums spreading it like wild fire. The latest build of Windows Live Messenger 9 is 14.0.3921.717. The latest build features a much more clear, colourful and stylish interface.

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Nokia E71 and E66 Online Demos Leaked

by on June 9, 2008
in Gadgets, Internet, Tips and Tricks

Nokia E71 and Nokia E66

Oops! Another leak out at Nokia. This time, a forum member over at Mobile-Review has stumbled upon user demos for both of the forthcoming devices, Nokia E71 and Nokia E66. You can watch in-depth Flash walkthroughs and see the basic features that these models will offer. Since the online demos are out, we can expect them to be announced anytime soon. Don’t worry, they won’t hit the stores today ;) It’s WWDC day today!

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