Windows Live Messenger 3D Emoticons Pack

by on January 6, 2009
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First instant messengers that came out were very simple, and users were quite content with what they had i.e an interface to chat online.

Soon, designers came out with emoticons, a graphical representation of our mood, expression and feelings during chatting. They were just small static images, then they got bigger and now you can even have them in 3D!

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Cat Emoticons For Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger logoYahoo Messenger has just received a new IMVironment which comes with a brand new pack of emoticons and can be used by anyone. This pack has been named as Emoticats, and this IMVironment is actually a Yahoo Messenger animation that lets you choose from several cat portraits and send them to the people you are chatting with. If you really like cats, you can even make one of the cats pictures displayed by the IMVironment as your avatar. That’s easy, just click the “Adopt” included in the chat window, and your avatar will be changed with the cat one.

Yahoo Messenger emoticon
(Click to enlarge)

If you would like to spread the word and want your friends to know about this cool new Yahoo Messenger IMVironment, simply click on the “Accept” displayed by Emoticats. After you click on it, your status automatically changes to “Got My Paws On The Emoticat IMV,” and attaches a link that lets your contacts load the IMVironment in their own IM client.

Currently, Emoticat is only available to only Yahoo Messenger 8.1 and9.0 Beta users. And it’s expected that future releases of Yahoo Messenger for Mac and Yahoo Messenger for Vista may get these features too.

If the new IMVironment is not available in your Yahoo Messenger, you can follow this link and click on “Try it now” button.

If you have any problems adding this IMVironment, make sure you have the compatible Yahoo Messenger and have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.