Windows 7 Build 7022 Leaked, IE8 RC1 Included

by on February 9, 2009
in Tips and Tricks, Windows

Just when the time is running out and the limited Windows 7 Beta download period from Microsoft is coming to an end, we just got another leak and this time it’s Windows 7 (build 7022).

It has been reported that some ‘friendly’ individuals from Microsoft Ukraine have leaked the new build, called Build 7022.winmain.090115-1850, over the Internet. This build was compiled almost a month ago, on January 15, 2009.

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Internet Explorer 8 RC1 Released

by on January 27, 2009
in Browsers, Microsoft, Softwares

Microsoft has just released an update to the next version of its web browser, Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) Release Candidate 1 (RC1).

Just a couple of days ago I shared links to a leaked version of IE8 RC1, and here we are with the official release from Microsoft.

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Review: Internet Explorer 8 Features

by on January 13, 2009
in Microsoft, Softwares, Windows

internet-explorer-8-ie8Windows 7 Beta has been unleashed and people has started reporting its nice and easy to use features. This beta version got some revamped beta applications as well including Internet Explorer 8.

It has been revamped fully to withstand with other competitive browsers, especially Firefox. Lets have a look over some of the nice features to look forward in final IE 8 release.

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How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 was released a couple of days ago, and it brought many new interesting features and improvements over IE7. But since it is still in beta, just like all other beta products of Microsoft, IE8 is also very buggy and people have been complaining about crashes and high memory usage.

Since users who like their daily-to-use applications to be stable and bug-free, would like to uninstall Internet Explorer 8. Below you can how you can uninstall IE8 in Windows XP and Vista.

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Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Now Available

by on August 28, 2008
in Internet, Microsoft, Softwares, Windows

The long-awaited browser’s second beta is out! Yes, Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 has been made available for public download just a few minutes ago. It is now faster, easier, and much safer than ever.

The IE team blog has just posted that IE8 Beta 2 is now out with lots of new features updates than the previous beta. Beta 1 was basically for developers, but Beta 2 is for everyone who browses or works on the web.

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